Workshop Topic

Creating the Woke Workplace

In order to get the best from your employees, they have to feel safe and comfortable at work. Micro-aggressions, off-color comments, and unconscious racial biases can add unnecessary stress to employees of color, and can negatively impact productivity and retention rates. This is preventable, but will your organization be proactive about it? Or will you be reactive and potentially lose money and credibility by trying to fix the problem after a PR crisis?

This 8-hour workshop will provide your organization with a way to find your blindspots and become more connected to the issues employees of color encounter on a daily basis.

During this workshop you will:

  • Discover your unconscious racial biases and take the proper steps to overcome them
  • Review the main micro-aggressions employees of color encounter and learn how to eliminate them
  • Be introduced to the W.O.K.E model of creating safe and productive workplace for all employees


Keynote Speeches

How Haters Can Fuel Your Success

No matter if you're a corporate hotshot or a stay-at-home mom with a side hustle, people will always be critical of you and your work. In this one-hour keynote, Doyin shares three important ways that haters can make you successful. Prepare to be entertained, informed, and inspired!