Ask A Dad: What To Do About Your Racist AF Uncle At Thanksgiving

My parents are hosting Thanksgiving dinner for about 20 people this year ― including my uncle, who has extremely inflammatory political views. Last year at Christmas, he “joked” with my husband that if President Trump built his border wall, my husband would be working on a Mexican farm instead of here in the U.S. as a sales executive. (My husband, who is Hispanic, is an American citizen. I am a liberal white woman.) Then, during the 4th of July, my uncle put MAGA hats on our 3-year-old twin boys without us knowing, took a quick photo, and posted it on his social media pages with the caption, “This is one way to keep kids out of cages.” He later removed them at my angry request, and we haven’t seen him since.

My mom (also a liberal) excuses her brother’s behavior as him “being silly,” but it’s anything but silly, and I’m worried a physical altercation will occur if his antics continue. What do I do? — Liz in Dallas


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