The Keynote Speaker

"Doyin is an exceptional talent. He is very smart and takes a lot of initiative and is a great business partner. He is someone who can quickly assess what the business needs in order to move forward. He will bring it up, sell it, design it and implement it. He is also wonderful to work with and is highly sought after."

Kim Congdon, Chief People Officer, Fullscreen, Inc.

"The only thing more compelling than Doyin's story is the way he tells it on stage. His unique blend of self-effacing exuberance is entertaining and inspiring, because you can tell that beneath his unassuming Everyman facade beats the heart of an ambitious, multi-talented man determined to be the best dad he can be."

Doug French, CEO Dad 2.0 Summit

"Doyin came to CSULA to talk about race and diversity, and he was a Rock Star! The students related extremely well to Doyin and his message. He has a gift of discussing such nuanced topics in a way that is informative and inspiring. Students were so energized by his talk that they had wonderfully thoughtful questions afterwards. I invited him to come back to speak to my students again, and I believe every university would benefit by having Doyin as a speaker. He is one of a kind!"

- Lollie Ragana, Professor at California State University, Los Angeles

"Doyin gave a powerful perspective on fatherhood as the keynote speaker at our company’s Black History Month event.  His early experiences from being blasted on social media (both positively and negatively) really helped shape the conversation around race/gender and what it really means to be a parent (father).  Doyin took punches over the taboo topic that most people are too scared to discuss — namely, why do we celebrate fathers for doing their job? He especially honed on this phenomenon in the black community and gave his perspective. His presence provided a riveting Black History Month event."

Asim Fareeduddin, VP at LexisNexis

Doyin, the keynote speaker

You may know Doyin as a fatherhood advocate, but that's selling him short. He is a relatable, engaging, funny, intelligent, and (most importantly) highly-effective keynote speaker for conferences, colleges, and corporations. Doyin's passion for embracing diversity and feminism, overcoming stigmas of mental illness, and destroying toxic masculinity will leave your audience feeling empowered and inspired.

A few of Doyin's Recent Speaking Events

  • 2019 Consumer Electronics Show MC for UBTECH Robotics
  • 2018 HuffPost's How To Raise A Kid conference speaker and panel moderator
  • 2018 SHE Summit keynote speaker
  • 2018 Cal State University Los Angeles
  • 2018 Influential Summit opening keynote
  • 2018 Access Books Conference opening keynote at UCLA
  • 2018 Plum Organics "Keeping It Together" event
  • 2018 African-American Read-In
  • 2017 Iowa Community Partnerships for Protecting Children (CPPC) opening keynote and workshop
  • 2017 Los Angeles Times Book Fair
  • 2017 Dad 2.0 Summit keynote
  • 2017 PwC keynote
  • 2016 Facebook HQ keynote

Doyin's Keynote at the 2018 SHE Summit

Doyin's keynote was one of the most positively-reviewed speeches of the 2018 SHE Summit. But don't take our word for it — watch it yourself.

Doyin's Panel at HuffPost's 2018 How To Raise A Kid Conference

Doyin is not only a keynote speaker, but he's an expert moderator. Check him out during HuffPost's first-ever parenting conference.

Doyin's Commencement Address

To get an idea of Doyin's style, check out his commencement address with over 3,000 people in attendance.


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