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Yes, we need to have the discussion on race right now.

Picture a married couple who walked into their kitchen and found a broken glass on the floor. Their first reaction was to go in on each other.

“It’s your fault this happened!”

“No, you did it! You’re such an idiot!”

This exchange would go on for days, weeks, and months. They would step over the broken glass, slice their feet, and argue — but the one thing they would never do is clean up the mess.

Welcome to America in 2017 — a messy country that has become a much meaner and divided place. Overt racism, name calling, and bigotry have become the norm. Sadly, the reaction of most Americans is to:

1) Join in on the overt racism, name calling, and bigotry.

2) Feel bad about it and do nothing because they feel powerless.

In other words, the broken glass remains on the floor. And unlike the married couple in the above scenario, divorce or separation isn’t an option. We’re stuck with each other whether we like it or not.

We have plenty of people who will hurl insults at strangers with differing opinions on social media and plenty of people who will put their heads in the sand while hoping that this will all magically work itself out. What we need are adults in the room who will put in the hard work of fixing our broken nation.

As a black man raising two multiracial girls, Doyin felt he needed a clever way to introduce them to the concept of race without it being hokey, corny, or ineffective. With that in mind, he created a book titled, What’s The Difference? (the sequel to I WONDER) that talks about race and differences in a way that’s cool and real.

You won't find any nonsense included about raising our kids to ignore race. The simple fact is that race shouldn’t be ignored, it should be embraced. We need to create a world of color conscious kids (or “woke kids”), not colorblind kids. Color conscious kids are the ones who say, “I see that other kids are different from me and that’s awesome.”

So for those of you who feel helpless to change the world, you should understand that you have more power than you know to change our future. Because as the great Frederick Douglass once said, “It’s easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.” It starts at home and you’re in charge.

What’s The Difference? can be one tool in your toolbox to help build strong, color conscious children. Order your copy today!

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