Almost everyone is suffering from a decline in mental health right now. Are you doing enough to support your employees?


Beyond the demands at work, the stressors outside of the office have evolved with the introduction of COVID-19. Social isolation, working from home while simultaneously homeschooling children, and managing an unprecedented level of fear and uncertainty impact almost every employee. That’s not to mention traditional stressors such as social media, the political landscape, cost of living, etc. are still as present as ever.

The bigger issue is our coping mechanisms have not evolved as quickly, resulting in senior leaders, middle management, and individual contributors being ill-equipped to function at their highest potential. Worse still, if this isn’t addressed swiftly and effectively, it could have devastating results that could take many years and many dollars to recover from.

At the conclusion of the 90-minute workshop, participants will be able to:

Identify the five key signs employees should look for when assessing their own potential mental illness/decline in mental health

Describe how to eliminate the stigma around mental health at work

Apply a strategy to approach your supervisor about mental illness/decline in mental health at work

Identify how COVID-19 has impacted mental health at work and the actions we can take to improve it

Describe how leaders can serve their employees while also taking care of their own mental health

Identify pitfalls to avoid when being an ally for mental health in the workplace

Identify the actions leadership should take to fight against racism in the workplace

There will be a Q&A session as well


No, and I never pretend to be. I don’t offer medical advice to any of my clients — but one thing I offer is the experience of living with mental illness (clinical depression) and how corporations can fight the stigma against it.

Absolutely. It’s really helpful for people to see a man — especially a man of color — talk about this. It lets them know that they’re not alone in their struggle. This session will help men to be open and honest about their mental health struggles.

No. I conduct my workshops live because I encourage interaction. That would be completely lost in a recorded session.

I’m working on a course that I will deliver to kids in early-to-mid 2021. Stay tuned!

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