Are you a PR rep for a company that's looking to put its message/products in front of a group of highly-engaged parents? Whether it’s through sponsored social media posts or big commercial campaigns, Doyin has done it all for major brands with amazing results.

Are you an employee of a school/university, organization, or conference looking for a dynamic keynote speaker? No matter if the topic is centered around inspiring dads to be more involved parents, raising our children to be racially-conscious, or shining a light on mental health in men — Doyin will keep the crowd engaged with his dynamic style and inspirational messaging.

Are you looking for someone who's good on camera for a potential video series? Yep, Doyin has that covered, too.

Do you want to have Doyin come to your city to conduct an all-day workshop for your company on overcoming biases in the workplace? He can do that for you.

Contact Doyin's PR Team

If you want to work with Doyin for any reason, please use the following email.

PR {at} doyinrichards {dot} com

Pro tip — emails to this address go directly to Doyin's team and they will respond much quicker than if you email him directly.

Contact Doyin

Please use the following email address if you want to reach Doyin directly.

doyin {at} doyinrichards {dot} com