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The Keynote Speaker

Doyin's engaging style fires up crowds wherever he goes. If you're looking for a keynote speaker to inspire the masses and set the tone for your event, he's your guy.

The Influencer

Are you a PR rep looking to get your brands' products in front of an engaged group of parents? Doyin has worked with companies big and small to deliver amazing results.

The Author

Doyin has written some critically-acclaimed books that are hard-hitting, humorous and heartwarming. Buy them for your kids, your kids' schools and for the great moms and dads in your life.

The Facilitator

With over 12 years of experience in corporate training and instructional design, Doyin facilitates interactive workshops for companies throughout America. Check out his topics here.

The Podcast

Check out Doyin as he delivers rants, revelations, and real talk on the "Just Stick To Parenting" podcast

The Man

Who is this guy? How do I pronounce his name? What makes him so special? Why would I want to hire him to speak at my college, corporation or conference? Let's find out, shall we?